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Terms & Conditions for Knowledge Network customers (speakers and experts)


These terms of service constitute a binding agreement between you ("Supplier") and Youandx ApS ("Youandx"). These terms govern your access to and use of the Youandx platform ("Platform") for business and commercial purposes when offering lectures, e-learning, workshops, etc. ("Services"), as well as when managing your user account and performing customer administration such as handling customer inquiries, requests, bookings, etc. By using the platform, you agree to these terms and any additional terms and conditions mentioned in this document. These terms supersede any prior agreements between the parties, including statements, contracts, and understandings of any kind, whether oral or written. 


"Agreement": A contractual obligation between the Supplier and Youandx for the use of the Youandx platform, governed and in accordance with these terms of service and other applicable terms, including standards and policies.  

"Platform": The Youandx platform, accessible via www.youandx.com.  

"User Content": Any content created and shared by the Supplier on the Platform.  

"Services": The services provided by you as the Supplier through our Platform.  

"Customer": An individual or legal entity or organization, regardless of legal form or business type.  

"Service Offerings": A list of services provided by a Supplier, such as lectures, e-learning, or workshops, available for booking and purchase by the Customer.

Supplier Account

As a Supplier, you will have access to the Platform with the ability to offer your Services to Customers. You can create service offerings and have control over them, including setting your price, availability, terms of service, and more. 

Contract with the Customer

When you accept a service request from the Customer or receive a booking confirmation through the Platform, you enter into a contract directly with the Customer, and you are responsible for providing your Services on the terms and at the price specified in your service offering. In the agreement with the Customer, as a Supplier, you disclose personal data via the Youandx Platform, including email and phone number. As a Supplier, you commit to responding to the Customer within 24 hours of receiving the service request. If you, as a Supplier, fail to meet this deadline, Youandx has the right, but not the obligation, to terminate the agreement with the Supplier. Please note that when you, as a Supplier, receive a service request for one of your Services through the Platform, you are obliged to use the Platform and its system to accept or decline the service request. If you, as a Supplier, are unable to fulfill the task and cannot proceed with it, please allow the service request to be returned to Youandx so that we can find a solution for the Customer. In case of misuse, we consider the collaboration terminated with immediate effect.

Youandx's role

We provide the Platform to connect Suppliers offering Services, including profiling, marketing, and bidding, with Customers. Additionally, the Platform is offered to Customers who can book services through the Platform. 

  • Youandx acts as an intermediary between the Supplier and the Customer but does not control the behavior of Suppliers and/or Customers. 
  • Youandx is not obliged to monitor the use of the Platform or verify information provided by the Suppliers. 
  • Youandx is not obligated but has the right to review, remove, or edit User Content for the purpose of ensuring the smooth operation and optimization of the Platform. Youandx also has the right to review, remove, and edit User Content for the purpose of preventing fraud, risk assessment, and investigation of customer support and complaint handling. 
  • Youandx may deny access to the Platform if the Supplier knowingly violates these terms or other terms applicable to the Supplier. 
  • Youandx provides the Platform and all its content "as is" without any warranties. 
  • Youandx does not endorse and/or guarantee the behavior, performance, security, quality, legality, or suitability of any Service, Supplier, Customer, or third party. 
  • Youandx does not guarantee the performance or uptime of the Platform. 
  • Youandx does not guarantee that verification, identity, or background checks performed on Suppliers will identify past errors or prevent future errors committed by the Supplier. 
  • Youandx is not responsible for the payment of any public charges, including KODA and Gramex. Such expenses are generally paid by the Customer or by the Supplier if agreed upon between the Customer and the Supplier.

By uploading content to Youandx's platform, the supplier hereby confirms and warrants that they have all necessary rights, licenses, and permissions for the shared material, including but not limited to images, videos, and text (hereinafter referred to as "Content"). The supplier assumes full responsibility for ensuring that the Content does not infringe on third-party copyrights, trademarks, patent rights, or other intellectual property rights.

Youandx disclaims any liability and is not responsible for any claims, damages, losses, or costs arising from the Content that the supplier uploads to the platform. Youandx reserves the right to remove or modify Content that violates our guidelines and policies without prior notice.

By using Youandx's platform, the supplier accepts this disclaimer and confirms that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules regarding the shared Content.

Please note that any claims made against Youandx will be forwarded and charged to the appropriate supplier.


Each party may terminate the agreement/subscription by providing written notice to the other party with a notice period equal to the remaining term of the agreement plus three months. Each party may terminate the agreement, including any associated confirmation of offers, with immediate effect if the other party: 

  • Has breached its obligations, such as failing to remedy material breaches of this agreement (including non-payment for the use of the Platform) within thirty (30) days after written notice thereof. 
  • Has entered into payment default and/or is bankrupt or otherwise ceased its business operations. Youandx does not refund onboarding fees and subscriptions in the event that Youandx finds it necessary to deny access/cut off the Supplier from the platform.

Processing of complaints

In case of disagreement with another Supplier, Customer, or third party, Youandx encourages you to try to resolve the dispute amicably. If you are unable to resolve the dispute, you can contact our customer service, and we will do our best to assist in resolving the dispute in good faith and in accordance with our internal policies, but Youandx is not obligated to resolve disputes. As a Supplier, you release Youandx from any claims or damages arising from disputes with other Suppliers or third parties.

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction 

These terms are governed by Danish law. Any disputes arising in connection with these terms shall be resolved in the Copenhagen City Court. 

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be held responsible for delays or failure to fulfill their obligations under these terms (excluding payment obligations) if the delay or failure is caused by reasons beyond their reasonable control, such as a strike, blockade, war, terrorist act, riots, natural disasters, failure or reduction of power, telecommunications, data networks, or government actions.

Changes to the Terms

Youandx reserves the right to make changes to these terms; however, the Providers will be provided with a 30-day notice of the changes before they come into effect. If the Provider does not wish to continue using the Platform after a change in these terms, the Provider may terminate the agreement in accordance with section 6 above. Changes to these terms do not revoke or alter your acceptance of a previous agreement with Youandx or your use of the Platform. Should any provision of these terms be deemed invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not limit or otherwise affect the application of the remaining valid provisions in these terms. 

Limitation of Liability

For both parties, they shall not incur liability related to the following types of losses, whether the loss is of a direct or indirect nature: 

  • Loss of revenue and savings; 
  • Loss of goodwill; 
  • Loss of turnover and/or profit; 
  • Loss of contracts, business opportunities; 
  • Loss or damage of data or recovery of data, security breaches resulting from third-party telecommunication and/or the internet; 
  • Expenses related to security breaches for which Youandx is responsible; 
  • Direct or indirect expenses related to regular time, overtime, or related expenses, including employee allocations, wages, additional employee salaries, travel expenses, overtime pay, telephone expenses, and similar expenses; 
  • Necessary expenses for loss mitigation; 
  • Losses related to substitute purchases. Notwithstanding the above, neither party shall be liable for the other party's indirect losses. The above limitations of liability do not apply in cases of willful or grossly negligent harm.

Terms for Free Trial Period

When you sign up for a trial subscription, you automatically receive free and non-binding access to the Youandx platform and its associated features for 30 days. Your trial period is completely non-binding, and you can cancel without any costs before the end of the period. At the end of the free trial period, your subscription will automatically convert to a basic subscription unless otherwise specified. By signing up for your free trial period, you authorize Youandx to charge you the subsequent subscription fee using the provided payment method. You can cancel your trial period or change your subscription plan by contacting Youandx at info@youandx.com. 

If you choose to transition to a basic subscription, you will be charged for one month's subscription, and subsequently, you will be billed monthly subscription fees. Your subscription can be terminated at any time with a notice period of 3 months + the current billing cycle. 

You are obligated to comply with our general terms and conditions for experts.

Access to Youandx's Benefits

As long as your membership is active, you are free to use the platform. If you choose not to extend your subscription and cancel your trial period before the expiration deadline, we will retain your content so that if you decide to rejoin the platform, you can reactivate your subscription without having to create your profile again. 

Exposure on social media and newsletters is subject to relevance to Youandx's additional activities and therefore cannot be guaranteed. By accepting the trial period, you also agree that Youandx may feature and use you in marketing materials. 

Any additional purchases are non-refundable.

Terms of Use

Your free trial period can only be used once. If we discover any attempts to exploit the trial period, it will be considered fraudulent, and Youandx reserves the right to invoice for it. Youandx determines whether the conditions for a free trial period are met, and we reserve the right to terminate the free trial period if we determine that the service is being misused. 

If you wish to upgrade to a Pro subscription 

There is no personal validation required when signing up for a free trial period. However, if you wish to upgrade to a Pro subscription after the trial period expires, it is a requirement to purchase personal validation. 

Personal validation is a quality seal for you, and the validation mark has significant value for potential customers. Please note that a personal validation meeting does not guarantee that we can offer you a validation mark, as it depends on whether you meet our criteria. Personal validation is particularly relevant for those who already have experience in the industry and desire an additional quality seal. 

To upgrade directly to a Pro subscription, your validation must take place before the trial period expires. If your validation is approved, you will be charged a one-time fee of 2,000 DKK excluding VAT, as well as the subscription fee upon the trial period's expiration. After that, you will be billed a monthly subscription fee in advance for each month.

Price changes 

Price changes in the subscriptions will be communicated with a minimum of 3 months' notice through individual communication channels such as email or the subscription receipt sent to the email address provided by the subscriber in their Youandx profile. The subscriber can terminate their subscription with 30 days' notice, effective from the date the price change takes effect.

Terms & Conditions for Knowledge Network customers (speaker agencies, event agencies, and course suppliers)


These general conditions (hereinafter the “Terms”) apply to the cooperation between the “Parties” Youandx.com ApS (hereinafter “We”, “Our” or “Youandx”) and the agency (hereinafter “You”, “Your” or the “Agency”), which offers lectures, events, and courses (hereinafter “Services”) held by lecturers and instructors (hereinafter “Providers”) on Youandx Knowledge Network (hereinafter the "Platform").

Purpose and scope

The purpose of the terms is to regulate the conditions for the cooperation of the Parties in the dissemination of the Agency’s Services on the Platform, so that the Agency's Services are disseminated on the Platform and to the Platform's Knowledge Navigator and other business customers.

The collaboration includes the following:

• Youandx invoices the Agency for subscription to a license for the right to use and use the Platform at the prices and terms agreed with acceptance of a License Agreement. The invoices are without further terms or conditions than those stated in these terms and conditions.

• Youandx is not entitled to contact the Agency's Providers directly outside the Platform, unless otherwise explicitly agreed. If Youandx needs to communicate with them, it must be done through the Agency or with the Agency as an intermediary.

• Both Youandx and the Agency have the right to disable the Agency's Services and Providers on the Platform, one at a time or collectively, at any time and without notice, for good reason.

• If the collaboration between Youandx and the Agency ends, the customer ownership of Providers and Services will go to the party that brought the commercial relationship into the collaboration. The parties are also obliged not to seek out the other party's speakers and other providers for a period of 12 months after the termination of the agreement.

The parties respect each other's intellectual property rights and copyrights to the respective Providers and Services. The parties may not copy, distribute, modify or exploit other parties' content without their prior written consent.

The Agency warrants that they have the necessary rights and permissions to disseminate the Providers and Services on the Platform and that Youandx does not infringe the rights of third parties by doing so.

Data protection

Youandx includes a Data Processor Agreement (DPA), where we undertake to comply with applicable data protection legislation and ensure an appropriate level of protection for the personal data we process in connection with the collaboration.

Youandx may only process personal data in accordance with the purposes set out in the DPA and in accordance with the instructions we receive from each other as data controllers.

Youandx may not disclose personal data to third parties without the other party's prior written approval.


The parties are each responsible for their own actions and omissions in connection with the collaboration.

The parties shall not be liable to each other or to any third party for any loss or damage arising from errors, omissions or delays in the delivery of the Services.

Youandx disclaims any responsibility for the content, quality or suitability of the Services the Agency provides on the Platform.


The collaboration can be terminated by both parties with 3 months' notice to the end of a month.

The parties must carry out sold activities and on the commercial conditions agreed in the collaboration, so that business customers and Providers are not affected by the termination, and so that settlement is made according to agreement.

Upon termination of the collaboration, the Parties must settle any outstanding amounts and delete or return any personal data they have received from each other.

The terms relating to intellectual property rights, copyright, data protection and liability shall continue to apply after the termination of the cooperation.


Any disputes that arise in connection with the collaboration or the Terms must be resolved amicably.

If a dispute cannot be resolved amicably, it must be settled by arbitration in accordance with the instructions of the Danish Arbitration Association.

The language of arbitration must be Danish.

Terms & Conditions for Knowledge Navigator (transaction customers)


The customer agrees to the following terms and conditions when booking a lecture:


At Youandx, there is no need to exchange contracts back and forth to make a booking. The speaker/expert provides written approval that the booking is confirmed, thereby committing to abide by the terms of the booking. Once this happens, we send a final confirmation to the customer, which serves as both a receipt and proof of purchase.


When purchasing an e-learning video, a personal link is provided. This link may only be shared with the number of participants that have been purchased. If this limit is exceeded, Youandx reserves the right to interrupt and deactivate the link, preventing access to the e-learning video, and no subsequent compensation will be provided. The e-learning video may not be uploaded or shared on social media or other public platforms where there is unrestricted access. In the event of a violation of the above, Youandx has the right to impose a fine of DKK 10,000, excluding VAT. The amount will be deducted from the payment to the speaker/expert, minus a 20% administrative fee retained by Youandx.

Virtual Services

The arrangement and execution of virtual services, as well as the permission to record such services, are agreed upon directly between the customer and the speaker/expert. The usage and distribution of these recordings after the service is also agreed upon directly between the parties. Youandx disclaims any responsibility for any misuse or other breaches of the agreement related to these recordings.


The customer is responsible for providing the following equipment for 1-99 participants: 

  • Projector with screen/white wall or large display 

The customer is responsible for providing the following equipment for 100+ participants: 

  • Projector with screen/white wall or large display 
  • Headset microphone 

The customer is responsible for providing the following equipment for 500+ participants: 

  • Projector with screen/white wall or large display 
  • Headset microphone 
  • Professional lighting and sound 

The speaker/expert is responsible for: 

  • Bringing a Mac or PC and adapter to connect to the screen.


Payment via bank transfer

Payment - upon receipt of the booking confirmation, a final agreement regarding the terms, date, and time of the lecture from Youandx ApS is made. Payment must be made to Youandx ApS' bank account as stated on the invoice - typically 14 days before the delivery date. In addition, the original amount incurs a fee of 275 DKK excluding VAT for manual handling of the bank transfer. 

Payment via card payment

Payment - upon receipt of the booking confirmation, a final agreement regarding the terms, date, and time of the lecture from Youandx ApS is made. Payment is completed through card payment, and the full amount is charged immediately after the booking is confirmed. 

Costs associated with changes and cancellations Changes or cancellations must be submitted to Youandx in writing. The change or cancellation is only considered valid once the customer receives confirmation of it. 

Interest accrual

For payments made after the due date, we apply an interest rate of 1.5% per month, in addition to a reminder fee. 

NOTE: If the payment from the customer to Youandx ApS' account is not received on time, the contract is considered to be in default by the customer, and Youandx ApS cannot guarantee the delivery of the lecture by the speaker/expert. 

Service fee

Our service fee (3%) helps us maintain and operate our platform, as well as provide services such as support for your booking. The amount is exclusive of VAT.

Change - Customer's Side 

It is free of charge to make changes to a confirmed order activity up until 6 weeks before the start. For changes made after 6 weeks before the start, we calculate costs according to the following rates: 

  • 6-4 weeks before the start: 25% of the investment 
  • 4-2 weeks before the start: 50% of the investment 
  • 2-1 week before the start: 75% of the investment 
  • Later than 1 week before the start: 100% of the investment 

However, changing the activity is limited to a maximum of 1 time. If the activity is changed more than 1 time, the change will be considered a cancellation, and the cancellation deadlines apply (see next point). 

Cancellation - Customer's Side 

It is free of charge to cancel a confirmed order activity up until 12 weeks before the start. For cancellations made later than 12 weeks before the start, the entire investment is due for payment. If a previously changed activity is canceled, 100% of the investment is due regardless of the deadline. 

Termination by Speaker/Expert 

Speakers/Experts may request the termination of the agreement for lectures and other services due to: 

  • Illness 
  • Sudden work-related summons related to the speaker's/expert's primary occupation. In such cases, Youandx will attempt, together with the customer, to find another speaker for the event. 

Any applicable public fees, including KODA and Gramex, are the responsibility of the customer and are irrelevant to the speaker/expert and Youandx. 

The speaker/expert is entitled to refrain from performing if the customer fails to fulfill their obligations. In such cases, as well as cases where the speaker is prevented from performing as agreed upon, the speaker is entitled to full compensation + any applicable taxes and transportation expenses. 

Youandx is not liable for the compensation + any applicable taxes and is not responsible for breaches of agreement, delays on the speaker's side, payments not agreed upon in this agreement, or similar matters. Youandx cannot be held financially accountable. 

Any extension of the agreement beyond what is agreed upon, including transmissions, recordings, or audio transfer to another location, can only occur with the written consent of both the customer and Youandx. 

This contract may be terminated due to force majeure, prohibitions, serious traffic disruptions (e.g., ice hindrance, blockade, etc.) that physically prevent the speaker from arriving. 

Terms & Conditions for Knowledge Navigator (subscription customers)

Acceptance of Subscription Terms & Conditions

These subscription terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) are accepted by signing the contract with Youandx, or by using the application or services and apply between Youandx ApS company registration no. DK- 39046865 (“Youandx”) and the entity agreeing to these terms. If you are accepting on behalf of your employer or another legal entity, you warrant that you have the full legal authority to bind the entity to the customer (“the Customer”). This is a business-to-business service only and there is no intention to create a contract with any consumer.

Subscription Term and Invoicing

The subscription becomes effective upon placement of an order and will continue to be in effect until terminated in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.  

The first invoicing period runs from the order confirmation date and three months ahead, except if another period is agreed upon by both parties. After that, invoicing takes place automatically every quarter in advance on the previous order confirmation date, except if another period is agreed upon by both parties.

Scope and use of subscription

In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the Customer is granted a non-exclusive limited right to use the Youandx web platform, services, and any selected additional modules (collectively the “Application”) which are made available online. The Customer does not acquire the Application or any copy or part and is not granted a license to implement the Application in any way other than as a web platform, www.youandx.com.  

The Customer’s subscription entitles the Customer to use the Application for the number of entries, users, additional modules, etc. specified for each subscription type. If the Customer needs further capacity or functionality, then upon the use of any additional entries, without prior registration of users or modules by the Customer, or upon any acceptance by Youandx of any requested increase to entries, users or modules, the subscription will be upgraded automatically and the Customer shall agree to pay the consequential increase in the subscription at the current rates for such entries, users and modules.  

The Application itself, Youandx’s website, and web platform provide a list of subscription types as well as a list of additional technical features and services applicable to the different operational systems. Some functionalities and services may be subject to separate terms and conditions, which must be accepted in addition to these Terms and Conditions before use.  

Only the Customer and its representatives are entitled to use the Application, and the Application may not be used for or on behalf of any other parties or for data processing or the provision of services for other parties than the Customer. The Customer agrees to be fully responsible and liable for any third parties that are given access to the Application by the Customer or who use the Customer’s login details. 

Other than as set out in 3.4, the Customer is not entitled to assign the subscription or grant access to the Application, whether in full or in part, to any third party.  

The Customer shall ensure that the Application is not used in any manner which reflects adversely upon the name, reputation, and/or goodwill of Youandx or in breach of any applicable law or regulation.

Prices and terms of payment

The terms of payment are net 30 days after the invoice date.  

If the subscription fee is not paid when due, reminder 1 will be sent after the invoice due date without a reminder fee. If the subscription fee remains unpaid, a second reminder will be sent with an added charge of €15.00. If payment is not received after reminder 2, a third reminder will be sent with an added charge of €20.00. If payment is still not received after reminder 3, a fourth and final reminder will be sent with an added charge of 5% of the original invoiced amount as well as access to the Application being blocked. Access to the Application will be unblocked after receipt of payment.  

The Customer accepts that invoices and reminders sent by email to the email address provided by the Customer shall be deemed delivered when sent by Youandx.  

The prices, rates and subscription types in force from time to time can be found on Youandx’s website and may be changed with one month’s notice. All prices are excluded from VAT, which shall be applied at the prevailing rate.  


By using the Application, the Customer may terminate the subscription, reduce the services or number of users subscribed to, and remove additional modules etc., at any time with effect from the last day of the current subscription period. Youandx cannot refund any subscription fee for the remaining time period if the subscription is terminated in the middle of a subscription period. Information on termination from the Customer must be received before the invoice is issued for a new period. Access to the Youandx Application is removed by the end of the paid period.  

Youandx is entitled to terminate the subscription at the end of any calendar quarter by giving 3 months’ notice or immediately on written notice if the Customer commits a material breach of these Terms and Conditions or becomes insolvent or has a receiver or administrator appointed over its assets.

Customer data

As between the parties, the Customer shall own any and all data it provides to Youandx or the Application. 

 The Application permits the Customer to export records and data held by the Application and the Customer agrees to export any and all data prior to termination of the subscription. Where the subscription expires or is terminated by the Customer, Youandx shall use reasonable commercial endeavors to permit the Customer to use the export function in the period of 10 days after such termination.  

Youandx reserves the right to delete Customer data 90 days after termination of the subscription regardless of the reason for termination, and Youandx is not obligated to store any Customer data after such time.  

Youandx shall be entitled to store Customer data after termination in anonymized form for statistical and analytical purposes only.  

Youandx may disclose Customer data to third parties and public authorities where such disclosure in Youandx’s opinion is justifiable and reasonable, e.g., to avoid a loss of value, including in connection with judgments, public authority orders, the Customer’s bankruptcy, death or the like.  

Operational stability

Youandx strives towards the highest possible operational stability but shall not be responsible or liable for any breakdowns or service interruptions, including interruptions caused by factors beyond Youandx’s control, such as power failures, defective equipment, Internet connections, telecoms connections or the like. The Application and the service are provided “as is” and Youandx expressly disclaims any further representations, warranties, conditions or other terms, express or implied, by statute, collaterally or otherwise, including but not limited to implied warranties, conditions or other terms of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose or reasonable care and skill.  

In the event of an interruption of service, Youandx will use reasonable commercial endeavors to restore normal operations as soon as possible.  

Planned interruptions will mainly take place between 21:00-06:00 CET. If it becomes necessary to interrupt access to the Application outside this period of time, the Customer will be notified in advance, if possible.  


Youandx may update and improve the Application on a continuous basis. Youandx may also change the composition and design of the Application and services. Any such changes may be with or without notice and may affect the prior results or information uploaded to or provided by the Application.  

Intellectual property rights

The Application and any information provided by it, other than the Customer’s data, is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights and is owned by or licensed to Youandx. Any development or adaptations made to such intellectual property by Customer shall vest in Youandx. The Customer shall notify Youandx of any actual or suspected infringement of Youandx’s intellectual property rights and any unauthorized use of the Application that the Customer is aware of.  

No intellectual property rights are assigned to the Customer.  

In relation to any and all material uploaded by the Customer and any and all Customer data, the Customer grants to Youandx, its suppliers, and sub-contractors, a non-exclusive worldwide irrevocable license to provide the Application and related services including marketing services to the Customer. The Customer represents and warrants that no uploaded material or Customer data will infringe third party rights or intellectual property rights and will not contain any material that is obscene, offensive, inappropriate or in breach of any applicable law.  


Youandx is entitled to assign its rights and obligations vis-à-vis the Customer to a group company or to a third party.  

The Customer accepts that Youandx is entitled to use subcontractors in all matters, including for the implementation and operation of the Application and the storage of Customer data. 

Youandx's liability

Youandx disclaims all liability and shall not be liable in contract, tort (including negligence), statutory duty, pre-contract or otherwise arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or the Application for any (a) consequential, indirect or special loss or damage; or (b) any loss of goodwill, reputation or data; or (c) any economic losses (including loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings). In each case whether advised of the possibility of such loss or damage and howsoever incurred.  

Youandx is not liable for third party solutions that are available via and/or integrated with the Application, including external data feeds, scan functions, etc. Consequently, Youandx cannot be held liable for the correctness, completeness, quality, and reliability of the information or for the results which are achieved by means of such third-party solutions. Moreover, Youandx cannot be held liable for the availability, security or functionality of such third-party solutions, including for any damage and/or loss caused by such third-party solutions. The Customer is responsible for proving that a loss or damage suffered by the Customer is not attributable to any third-party solutions.  

The maximum liability of Youandx in contract, tort (including negligence), statutory duty, or otherwise arising out of or in connection with the Terms and Conditions or the Application; shall, in respect of any one or more events or series of events (whether connected or unconnected) taking place within any twelve-month period, be limited to the Fees paid by Customer in such period or €2,000, whichever is the greater.  

The Customer undertakes to indemnify Youandx against any costs due to product liability loss, third party loss, or other third party claims due to the Customer’s use of the Application.  

Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury or for fraud.  

Duty of confidentiality and data security

Youandx will only process Customer data in accordance with the Customer’s instructions and not for its own, unauthorized purposes.  

Youandx will keep confidential all of the Customer’s confidential information that the Customer provides to Youandx save to where such information has come into the public domain other than by breach of this clause, or where Youandx has obtained the information from a third party without a duty of confidence or where it is required to be disclosed by a regulatory or government body or court of competent jurisdiction.  

Youandx shall take all necessary technical and organizational security measures to ensure the safe and secure processing of any Customer data. Youandx shall comply with its obligations under the EU General Data Protection Regulation.  

At the Customer’s request, Youandx will provide sufficient information to enable the Customer to ensure that the said technical and organizational measures have been taken. Youandx shall be permitted to charge the Customer for such work at its standard rates.  

The Customer's information is stored in the Application and/or at Youandx’ cloud servers.  

Where the Customer provides information, user names, or passwords in relation to any third-party information feed or service to Youandx, the Customer shall warrant that the provision of such information or the integration of the Application with such third-party feed or service or the storage and use by Youandx of such information shall not breach the terms and conditions for such service or any other third-party rights. The Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless Youandx from any and all loss, damage, cost, and expense arising from breach of this clause.  

Change of Terms & Conditions

Youandx may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The current version of the Terms and Conditions in force is available on Youandx’s website. Youandx shall endeavor to provide reasonable notice of any changes by posting such changes on the web site. Further use of the Application after any change to the Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be acceptance of such Terms and Conditions. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check the website regularly to keep updated on any changes to these Terms and Conditions.  


These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Denmark and each party hereby irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Copenhagen, Denmark. 


Relationship: Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to create a partnership or joint venture or contract of employment of any kind between the parties nor shall it be deemed to grant any authority not expressly set out in the Agreement or create any agency between the parties.  

Entire agreement: Each party confirms that this Agreement sets out the entire agreement and understanding between the parties and that it supersedes all previous agreements, arrangements, and understandings between them relating to the subject matter of the Agreement. Each party confirms that it has not relied upon any statement, representation, or understanding that is not an express term of this Agreement and shall not have any remedy in respect of any statement, representation, or understanding which is not an express term unless made fraudulently.  

Waiver: No failure or delay exercise by any party in exercising any right, power or remedy under this Agreement will operate as a waiver of that or any other right, power or remedy nor will any single or partial exercise by either party of any right, power or remedy preclude any further exercise of any other right, power or remedy.  

Rights of Third Parties: Nothing in this Agreement shall create or confer any rights or other benefits in favor of any person other than the parties to this Agreement.

DPA - Data Processing Agreement

About this policy

At Youandx, we prioritize your privacy and aim to provide you with accurate information on how we process your personal data and how you can exercise your rights as a data subject. This privacy policy describes our data processing practices when you: 

  • Visit our website 
  • Place an order with a supplier or send us an inquiry or message using our online booking system 
  • Send a chat message to our customer support 
  • Apply for a job at Youandx 

About Youandx

Youandx, in relation to this privacy policy and applicable laws, including EU and Danish data protection laws, is defined as the data controller, meaning that Youandx is responsible for the processing of your personal data. If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, our data processing practices, or your rights as a data subject, you can contact us at info@youandx.com or using the information provided below. 

Processing of personal data

We only process your personal data when we have a valid legal basis and when it is necessary and proportionate for the purpose of processing. This means that we only collect your data in the following situations: 

  • You have given your consent to the processing, such as accepting our use of cookies, interacting with us via messages (e.g., chat) or on our social media platforms, or subscribing to our newsletter. 
  • You have entered into or wish to enter into a contract with us, such as applying for a job at Youandx or subscribing to the Youandx platform. 
  • We have a legal obligation to process your personal data, such as in accordance with accounting legislation. 
  • We or our third-party service providers have a legitimate interest in processing specific personal information about you, such as maintaining security on our platform and website, preventing fraud, or for marketing purposes. 


We use cookies on our website to support technical features that enhance your browsing experience and to collect statistics for analyzing website traffic. Strictly necessary cookies, which are required for our website to function, are collected automatically. Other cookies are used only with your explicit consent. 

You can find more information about cookies, including storage periods and details on how to change your cookie preferences, in our cookie policy. 

Booking and Inquiries

When you book a service through the Youandx platform, we collect the following information in order to provide the service to you: 

  • General contact information: name, email address, and phone number 
  • Company information 
  • Payment details 
  • Purchase history 
  • Other relevant information related to your booking or inquiry 

Job Application

We post job openings through a third-party platform, The Hub (thehub.io/startups/youandx-1). You can find more information in their privacy policy for job applicants: thehub.io/privacy-policy. The personal information we collect from job applicants includes: 

  • Name and contact information 
  • CV, cover letter, and other related information 

How long we retain your data

When your personal information is no longer necessary for processing, it will be deleted, except for information that is required to be retained in accordance with applicable laws.

Your rights

You have the right to access the personal data we process about you, object to or restrict our processing, correct your information, and have your personal data erased unless we have overriding interests or a legal obligation to process your data. You can withdraw your consent to process your personal data at any time. If you have subscribed to our newsletter, you can use the 'Unsubscribe' button in the email to stop receiving the newsletter. 

You can exercise your rights by contacting us at info@youandx.com. 

If you are not satisfied with the way we process your personal data, you can lodge a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency. 

Danish Data Protection Agency 
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35 
2500 Valby 
Phone: +45 33 19 32 00 
Email: dt@datatilsynet.dk 

Changes to this policy

We review and update this privacy policy regularly to keep the information accurate and to align our data processing practices with any changes in applicable laws. Any significant changes will be communicated on our website.

Transfer of Information 

For certain purposes, we may use trusted partners and third-party services to process data on our behalf. Before engaging a data processor, we ensure that they respect the rights of data subjects, comply with relevant data protection regulations, and enter into a data processing agreement with us. We share your personal information when and to the extent necessary for the performance of our services and obligations to you or as required by law. Please refer to the updated list of our data processors below. 

Name and website/URL of Sub-Processor  Types of personal data and services description  Country/ies of Processing
Visma E-conomic https://www.e-conomic.dk/Information about debit payment. Invoicing.  Denmark, Norwayhttps://www.e-conomic.dk/sikkerhed/dpa
Hotjar https://www.hotjar.com/Usage of website. Collects anonymized data on website usage. Sensitive data is filtered out.   Maltahttps://www.hotjar.com/legal/support/dpa/
StripeE-mail, name, address, Encrypted Payment card information. Handles card payments.  USAhttps://stripe.com/en-dk/legal/ssa
GoogleGoogle Analytics: Number of users. Session statistics. Approximate geolocation. Browser and device information.  https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/dpa/dataprocessingamendment_20200816.htmlhttps://www.google.com/about/datacenters/locations/
HubSpot https://www.hubspot.com/Contact information, website usage. Live chat conversations. E-mail delivery.  Irelandhttps://legal.hubspot.com/jurisdiction-specific-terms
TwilioE-mail delivery, chat conversations.  USAhttps://www.twilio.com/en-us/legal/data-protection-addendum
Amazon Web Services (AWS)  Cloud computing, file storage. DNS resolver. Collects application usage data.Irelandhttps://d1.awsstatic.com/legal/aws-dpa/aws-dpa.pdf
PlanetScale https://planetscale.com/Cloud Database service – encrypted data storage and transport. All content on youandx website. Personal and contact information. User data.  Irelandhttps://planetscale.com/legal/data-processing-addendum
MixpanelAnalytics service. Collects usage data.https://mixpanel.com/legal/dpahttps://docs.mixpanel.com/docs/other-bits/privacy-and-security/eu-residency
MicrosoftEmail provider. File storage. Contracts and other documents.https://www.microsoft.com/licensing/docs/view/Microsoft-Products-and-Services-Data-Protection-Addendum-DPA
Betterstackhttps://betterstack.com/logsApplication logs. IP address, user-agent  https://betterstack.com/dpa
CloudinaryImage/file service. User uploaded images.  https://cloudinary.com/privacyhttps://cloudinary.com/gdpr/dpa
VercelApplication logs. IP address, user-agent  https://vercel.com/legal/dpa 
SentryAutomatic bug detection/reporting. Website usage, device information. https://sentry.io/legal/dpa/
ClickUpIssue tracking. Reported Website feedback.  https://clickup.com/dpa

 End of list.

 Data Safety, Security, and Operations FAQ

As sensitive data will be handled in your platform, how is the security built up? Furthermore, your login and identification processes, how are they working?

To ensure robust security measures within our platform, we have implemented a multi-layered approach that encompasses various mechanisms to safeguard sensitive data and authenticate user access.

  • Encryption of Data Transfers: All data transfers occurring on, within, and to/from our platform are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols. This ensures that data exchanged between users and our servers remains secure and protected from interception by unauthorized parties.
  • Encryption of User Data at Rest: User data stored within our platform is encrypted at rest, utilizing industry-standard encryption algorithms. This means that even if unauthorized access to our database were to occur, the stored data would remain unintelligible without the appropriate decryption keys.

Overall, our security infrastructure is designed to provide comprehensive protection for sensitive data, from encryption during transit and at rest to robust authentication and access control mechanisms. By prioritizing security at every level of our platform architecture, we aim to instil confidence in our users and maintain the integrity and confidentiality of their data.


All users are required to login to the platform with one of the following methods:

  • Using their email address and password as chosen by the user with organization-specific requirements enforced
  • By entering their email address on the login page, log in to their email inbox, and click the time-limited secret access link
  • SSO with Microsoft Entra ID

If one authentication method is preferred over the other, we will enforce the use of this method throughout the organization.

Once logged in, the user will remain logged in until their web browser session is ended or, if they have checked the “remember me” box, for 7 days (resets on new active sessions).


Access to data is strictly limited to roles and personas both internally and externally, ensuring that only individuals with a legitimate need for access are granted permission. Our access control mechanisms are designed to enforce the principle of least privilege, meaning that individuals are granted access only to the extent necessary to perform their duties or fulfil the purposes of the processing.

Internally, access to sensitive data is restricted to authorized personnel directly involved in the relevant processes or operations. Externally, access is granted to third-party entities or individuals strictly based on contractual agreements and the specific requirements of the data processing activities.

Additionally, in specific instances were deemed necessary and agreed upon by the client, our team may act on behalf of the client to carry out designated tasks related to data processing, ensuring strict adherence to all applicable regulations and security protocols. Regular reviews and audits of access permissions are conducted to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and to identify and mitigate any unauthorized access or potential security risks. By maintaining a strict policy of least privilege, we prioritize data security and privacy while ensuring that essential business operations can proceed efficiently and effectively.

  • In the platform, organizations and users are organized in a hierarchy
  • The hierarchy determines access to public and sensitive information in accordance with industry standards
  • The top organization owner has full control of and access to customize the hierarchy

Where is the platform hosted and what is the tech stack?

The platform is hosted using the hosting service Vercel, which utilizes many AWS services. Vercel provides a scalable and reliable hosting platform optimized for modern web applications, ensuring fast loading times and seamless user experiences. Besides the platform's operation on AWS infrastructure, its management is overseen by the proficient team at Vercel, thereby assuring optimal availability, robust security measures, and prompt mitigation of any potential issues.

Read more about Vercel security here: https://vercel.com/security

We utilize the cloud database service PlanetScale. PlanetScale offers a robust and highly available database solution built on top of the distributed database technology, ensuring data consistency, scalability, and resilience.

Read more about Planet Scale security here: https://planetscale.com/docs/concepts/security

Both of the two services mentioned above are built and run on AWS infrastructure, located in the 'dub1' region (Dublin, Ireland)

Additionally, our fast search functionality is powered by the cloud search engine service Algolia, which operates data centers in Germany. Algolia provides a powerful and flexible search-as-a-service platform, enabling lightning-fast search experiences for our users while ensuring compliance with data residency requirements and regulations.

Read more about Algolia security here: https://www.algolia.com/distributed-secure/security-compliance/

Is it verified that personal data of EU citizens will not be processed outside the EU/EEA region using the platform?

Yes, it is verified. We adhere strictly to GDPR guidelines and have implemented robust data protection measures to ensure compliance with EU data protection regulations. Our data processing activities are confined within the EU/EEA region to safeguard the privacy and rights of EU citizens. We continuously monitor and update our procedures to maintain compliance with evolving data protection standards and regulations.

How do you work data integrity and availability?

To safeguard the integrity and availability of our data, we rely on the security and backup mechanisms provided by our hosting provider, Vercel, and our cloud database service, PlanetScale.

  • Automatic Backup: Our data is automatically backed up twice daily through the backup functionality offered by our database service provider. This ensures that we have recent copies of our data available for restoration in case of an incident.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: While we do not maintain a separate disaster recovery plan internally, in the event of a disaster such as data loss or corruption, we will follow the procedures outlined by our database service provider's documentation for restoration, accessible at https://planetscale.com/docs/concepts/back-up-and-restore. This includes restoring to the newest valid backup available.
  • Restoration Process: Our restoration process relies on utilizing the backup and restore functionality provided by our database service provider to restore data to its most recent backup state.
  • Compliance and Security: We prioritize compliance with industry standards and best practices for data protection and security. Our backup and disaster recovery practices are designed to align with these standards and meet the requirements of relevant regulatory frameworks.

While our primary focus is on maintaining the reliability and availability of our platform, it's worth acknowledging that our backup and disaster recovery capabilities rely on the features provided by our hosting and database service providers. By utilizing these external resources, we aim to effectively mitigate the risk of data loss or downtime, ensuring the continued resilience of our platform for our users.

In case of disruption, how long time will it take until data is recovered and do you have any maximum allowable time to fully recover?

Our recovery time objectives (RTOs) dictate the maximum allowable time for data recovery and restoration of services in the event of a disruption. While specific RTOs may vary depending on the nature and severity of the disruption, we are committed to restoring operations as quickly as possible to minimize impact on our users and business operations.

Typically, our RTOs are aligned with industry best practices and take into account factors such as the criticality of the affected services, the extent of data loss or corruption, and the availability of backup resources. Our goal is to achieve full recovery within the shortest feasible timeframe, ensuring that our platform remains accessible and functional for our users.

While we do not have a predefined maximum allowable downtime, we prioritize rapid response and resolution of disruptions to minimize the impact on our users and maintain business continuity.

What custom support options do you offer?

While we have not yet finalized any formal assistance agreements, we are committed to providing reliable support and ensuring the smooth operation of our services.

Our service level targets reflect our dedication to maintaining high system uptime, with a scheduled uptime of ≥ 98.5%. This ensures that our platform remains accessible to users for the vast majority of the time.

In the rare event of shortcomings of a significant nature, such as service disruptions or critical issues, our team is prepared to respond promptly. We aim to remedy such issues within 24 hours of their occurrence, minimizing downtime and mitigating any impact on our users.

Our support team is available Monday to Friday from 11AM to 3PM CET to assist users with any inquiries or issues they may encounter. While formal assistance agreements are not currently in place, we are open to discussing customized support arrangements to meet the specific needs and expectations of our clients.

We prioritize open communication and collaboration with our clients to ensure that their requirements are understood and addressed effectively. As such, we welcome discussions around assistance agreements and are committed to providing the necessary support to enable our clients' success.