Workshop med Chan'nel Thomas

Sustainable fashion - workshop

Fremtid og Forskning og Klima og Bæredygtighed

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The fashion industry has two very big issues, but one is their dirty secret. Every day, over 44 metric tonnes of waste is dumped into waterways around the world. This dye comes from various textile applications but mainly from dying leather and also dying our jeans. But there’s a better solution and it lies all around us – it’s even underneath our feet! By applying nature with simple citizen science you can learn how to dye your garments using a friendly eco bacteria, which is safe for humans and living organisms to handle whilst also reducing the use of valuable ressources such as water and energy. In this hands-on workshop Chan’nel Thomas takes you from basics to expert within 5 hours and allows you to understand the true meaning of slow fashion and ecovative design.

Foredragsholder: Chan'nel Thomas

Varighed: 15 - 300 minutter

Emner: Fremtid og Forskning og Klima og Bæredygtighed

Sprog: Dansk og Engelsk

Tilgængelighed: Tilgængelig fysisk og online

Region: Hovedstadsområdet, Sjælland, Fyn, Sydjylland, Midtjylland, Nordjylland og Bornholm


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