Foredrag med Ulrik Nerløe

Energy consciousness and intuitive principals create sustainable foundations for the future.

Fremtid og Forskning og Ledelse

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The future calls for a balance between the measurable and the emotional.

Today, when we lead ourselves, our family, our organisations or the world for that matter, we are deeply dependent on each other. We have to think more holistic and understand the connection which is present when we work with unity. You can say that life is like a wheel on a bicycle. Each spoke in the wheel is responsible for keeping the bike running and being able to accelerate, break and turn. If you remove 20% of the spokes the bicycle will not be able to do anything. Why? Because everything has a dependency. Right now the reality of the future calls for a deeper existential understanding of what it means to be human. An insight into what energy is and how we use it, how we balance it and how we can use the great unexploited potential which the energy includes. It is about knowing your own values and having a deeper insight into “who am I”. Being able to feel yourself and finding the way to listen to and trust your intuition. Being able to use your emotional intelligence in your own life and in interaction with others. It is a question about going from the measurable solely to a balance with the noticeable. Young people see this as a “need to have”, if they are to be an employee in a company. They want to feel, be felt and they want to see the purpose of using their energy and skills for the company. If not they will move on until they find what they can feel. This is a entirely new paradigm for leadership. Whether you are a team leader, C-level or the board, as a company you should begin this transformation. Especially if you in the future want to attract talent and above all create the framework that gives them the desire to stay now and in the future. Ulrik Nerløe has helped organisations for more than ten years with this insight and transformation. On a simple level he inspire us to develop our behaviour, thoughts and emotions. “It is already in us, just like a breaker panel in a summer cottage. Most phases are switched off right now and must be found again and reactivated”, as Ulrik says. This lecture is for you who want inspiration to think in a new way and use these existing needs. It is fun, filled with energy and above all insightful to have Ulrik on stage and the participants always leave with good eye opening and specific tools which can be transformed into value the next day.

Foredragsholder: Ulrik Nerløe

Varighed: 45 - 90 minutter

Emner: Forandringsledelse, Fremtid, Fremtid og Forskning, Fremtidstrends, Ledelse, Ledergrupper og Virksomhedskultur

Sprog: Dansk og Engelsk

Tilgængelighed: Tilgængelig fysisk og online

Region: Hovedstadsområdet, Sjælland, Fyn, Sydjylland, Midtjylland, Nordjylland og Bornholm


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